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Animal rescue groups

Contact these groups to get additional help in finding a good safe home for your kitten/puppy (most of these groups can post the info and pics of the pet on their webpages, Weibo, etc). You must send them all the information you can about the kitten (eg. the story about how you got her, vaccinations, personality, etc) and good, clear colourful pictures.

E-mail:, with copy to:

Contact person: Lee-Anne Armstrong E-mail:

E-mail:, with copy to:

  • Jaiya's Animal Rescue - JAR:

E-mail:, with copy to: and

E-mail:, with copy to:

Pet Bulletin Boards

These are all free:

Animal adoption days

To increase the chances of your kitten finding a good home, make flyers and take them to the adoption days below; try to find a good adopter. Please bear in mind that: (1) you must contact these groups in advance before attending their adoption days with the kitten, and (2) the pet must have at least its first vaccination in order to be allowed to attend an adoption day.

Shanghai Family Animal Adoption

If you have any doubts regarding a potential adopter please follow your instinct or ask the help of a volunteer (of an animal rescue group) to screen potential adopters.

Laowai lingo

  • 兽医免疫 - shòuyī - vet
  • 疫苗 - yìmiáo - vaccine
  • 边境牧羊犬 - biānjìng mùyáng quǎn - border collie
  • 窗子里的那只小狗多少钱 - Chuāngzi lǐ dì nà zhǐ xiǎo gǒu duōshǎo qián - How much is that doggy