Northern CuisineEdit

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North Chinese cuisine - often referenced as 'Northeastern Cuisine' - focuses on sour and salty flavours, and uses pickled preserves. The main grain used is dumplings. Beijing also retains its own classics such as Peking duck and Imperial Cuisine.

Southern CuisineEdit

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Southern Cuisine is dominated by the tastes of Guangdong province, and features classics such as dim sum. Noodles are the preferred grain.

Eastern CuisineEdit

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Food in the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang - like Shanghainese cooking - can be both sweet and salty.

Western CuisineEdit

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West China is spicy and the most famous dishes are found in Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine.

Minorities CuisineEdit

Main article: Minorities Cuisine

Minorities is China also have rich traditions when it comes to the minorities cuisine. In Shanghai, you'll mostly come across various Yunnan minorities' cuisine, Xinjiang food and Lanzhou noodles stores.

  • 东北菜 (dōngběi cài) Northeastern cuisine
  • 北方菜 (běifāng cài) North Chinese cuisine
  • 南方菜 (nánfāng cài) Southern Cuisine
  • 江浙菜 (jiāngzhè cài) Jiangsu & Zhejiang cuisine
  • 上海菜 (shànghǎi cài) Shanghainese cuisine
  • 川菜(chuāncài) Sichuan cuisine
  • 湘菜(xiāngcài) Hunan cuisine
  • 少数民族特色料理 (shǎoshùmínzú tèsè liàolǐ) Minorities cuisine
  • 新疆菜 (xīnjiāng cài) Xinjiang cuisine
  • 兰州拉面 (lánzhōu lāmiàn) Lanzhou noodles stores

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