Negotiating your salary and compensation in China can be a bit tricky. Whether you're evaluating whether to move here, or you're negotiating a new offer, or you're asking for a raise, bringing industry benchmarks to the table will help you make your case. If negotiating or asking for a raise, be sure to include your performance to the table as well since these are ranges and they help define if you're a the top, middle or bottom of a range.

For the most up to date files, google "China Salary Guides".

When using the guides, be sure to read the methodology because some include benefits, others talk only about full expat packages.

As of July 2015, a quick list:

  • Hudson has many different industries broken into separate reports like this one on Technical & Operations
  • Hays is also comprehensive and buckets industries into one report
  • Gemini while based in HK has a China guide
  • Kelly also has a compiled PDF