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TIC, an abbreviation of "This Is China". Adapted from the repeated line from the 2006 movie Blood Diamond, "TIA: This Is Africa", used as a universal catch-all excuse for anything unpleasant that happens to any of the characters simply because the events took place in Africa.

If you come from a western country like the USA, Canada, UK etc., you should always remember and bear in mind that China is a developing country. Although Shanghai is pretty much as modern and westernised as China gets, it is still China, and there are still some things that will annoy or inconvenience you. Get used to knowing that there's little or nothing you can do about it. Learn to shrug, smile, and accept it.

Often, seemingly simple procedures are wrapped in an extra layer of bureaucracy and therefore take far longer to complete than in other countries. TIC.

Sometimes you will have what some expats call a "bad China day" (generally when 2 or more unrelated TIC experiences happen on the same day): this is inevitable and you just need to put up with it.

Be especially wary of TIC when considering issues such as the internet, hygiene, spitting in the street, manners and etiquette, queueing, etc.

Living in China is an experience, and like anywhere else it is not always an entirely pleasant one. Remember to celebrate the good points about living in an amazing city like Shanghai, rather than focusing on the negatives: you will find that you enjoy and appreciate your time here much more with a positive outlook, and the ability to accept that some things are beyond your control.

Please do not come and vent about your TIC issues on /r/shanghai. It's a great place to discuss and get solutions for specific issues you might be having, but it is not a place for bursts of anti-China sentiment, no matter how cathartic it may be.

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